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Is Radio is Still a Powerful Medium?

By on December 9, 2014

At Wach Marketing, our experience with radio advertising has been positive. There is a lot of talk out there regarding the validity of radio advertising in today’s advertising landscape so we decided to take a look at recent radio statistics provided by Nielsen. Take a look at a few of the facts below and decide for yourself:

    • 59% of US music listeners listen to traditional or online radio
    • 36% of US connected car owners stream audio every time they are in the vehicle
    • 28% of Americans ages 18-34 who listen to network radio do so primarily at home
    • 52% of Americans ages 18-34 who listen to network radio are employed full time, compared to 22% for part time
    • 68.4% of Americans ages 18-34 who listen to network radio are college graduates
    • 70.8% of Americans ages 18-34 who listen to network radio have annual household incomes over $75,000
    • 70% of Americans ages 18-34, or 51.1M people, listen to network radio each week
    • 181M Americans ages 12 and older listen to network radio each week
    • Radio ads drive 5.8% of US retail sales
    • US millennials who listen to the radio do so for an average of 11.5 per week


It is important to consult with a marketing professional to see if a radio campaign is the right fit for your business. Contact Wach Marketing Inc. if you are interested in a free consultation to find out if radio is a good choice to promote your business.

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